Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How can I add any song to the playlist in Hash Music Player?

Click in 3 dot menu of respective songs, here you will find an option to add this song to the playlist. alternatively, you long press on all the songs that you want to add, and on the top, you will find the option to add songs to the playlist. This way you will be able to add multiple songs in one go.

How can I remove any song from any playlist?

Go to the particular song in the playlist and click on the 3 dot menu, here you will find an option to remove this song from the playlist.


Can I delete any playlist?

Yes, you can. Long press on the playlist that you want to delete. You will get a popup to delete the entire playlist. However, you cannot delete an in-built playlist like most played, recently played, and recently added.


How can I delete any song from the app?

Again, long press on the song you want to delete (you can also select multiple songs) and then click on the delete icon. Please note that it is permanent deleting on songs from the phone. You can perform the same task from the 3 dot menu of the respective songs.


What is the sleep timer in Hash Music Player?

If you want to pause your music after a fixed period of time then you can use this feature and set sleep timer accordingly. It will pause the song as per your settings. Also note that app does remember the settings and you have to set the timer every time you want to pause the music.

How can I change the theme?

Go to the setting page of the music player and select the theme. Here you can select any group of themes for the background.


Can I select the image of my choice as the theme?

Yes, in the theme section, you can choose the custom theme and select any photo as your background


How can I change album art of any song?

Yes, you can change the album art as per your choice in the song playing window.


How can I select a group of songs to play?

Long press on the first song and select multiple songs successively. Now, click on the play available at the top 


Which languages are available and how can I change the language?

Hash music player has the same language as your device. You will not able to change the language manually. This app is available in 25 languages like English, Hindi, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, German, Russian, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Thai, etc.